Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Problems with Editor of Blogger.com

If you have a little interest in blogging, then you must have heard name of blogger.com. It's the most popular blogging platform. It is owned by Google, leading company in Internet world. I have been using this since more than 2 years. In this post, I have tried to focus on a particular problem with blogger.com.


The WYSIWYG Editor provided by blogger.com is not easy to use. It has got many problems. Some are listed out below.


  1. The line spacing between is too much high. It seems that there is an empty line between two lines.
  2. Blogger.com usually changes the font of text after we publish the post. Usually it compresses the text. I usually post by email. If some words are to be edited, then while using its editor, the font gets changed after publishing.
  3. There is also problem in including pictures. Whenever a picture is attached, the picture comes at top of the editor not considering the position of cursor. If the post is too long and the picture needs to be at bottom, this is a huge problem as other text needs to be copied to the top of that picture. The problem is severe when there are multiple pictures.
  4. Sometimes if the post is too wide or contains multiple wide tables, the post when published displaces all side widgets to below, occupying their space.
  5. Also, there is not much facility



I don't know why Blogger.com has not addressed such critical issues till date. Even all other competitors like Microsoft, Yahoo, WordPress has very good WYSIWYG Editor providing ease in using, blogger.com seems not to be worried. Due to such problems, I always prefer to post articles through email. I often use software like Windows Live Writer to write and publish post.